Licenţa folositorilor de prezervative/Лицензия пользователя презервативами

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1 What is the standardised minimum length of a condom?
100 mm
170 mm
250 mm
2 How many litres of air does a BILLY BOY condom have to withstand without bursting?
8 litres (dm³)
10 litres (dm³)
18 litres (dm³)
3 What material are most condoms made of?
Natural rubber latex
4 What do I have to consider when opening the foil?
Always open it using scissors
Open several condoms at a time so you’re covered for the second and third rounds
Make sure not to damage the condom with sharp objects or your fingernails
5 What is very important when putting on a condom?
Pinching the reservoir with your thumb and index finger to prevent air pockets
Fully unrolling the condom before putting it on
Cleaning intimate jewellery – if there is any – before intercourse
6 What should I remember to do afterwards?
Always pull out your penis without the condom
Hold on to the condom at the base of the penis while pulling it out
Flush the condom down the toilet